Valley News Network

The Valley News Network (VNN) is our daily news broadcast on Valley Crossing's television network at the start of each school day.

There is a crew for each day of the week; crew members report to the Media Center at 8:55am. The VNN crew organizes the day's announcements, tests equipment, retrieves the day's weather forecast, and gathers a list of birthday, while some members prepare the Media Center for the day's classes, performing various jobs. 

Since school officially begins at 9:15 AM, VNN's prompt 9:15 broadcast signals the beginning of the school day. All school announcements are disseminated through VNN.

The VNN Broadcast varies from day to day, but it typically includes the following:

  • Daily Announcements for VCES
  • Local or worldwide news
  • Local weather forecast
  • School birthdays and interesting facts about the date
  • The Pledge of Allegiance

Special Reports are also featured. Students may give a book recommendation, share a joke or a word of the day, discuss more detailed announcements, or interview staff members. Some students also come down to share learning that has occurred in their classroom.

Crew members must become proficient in all VNN assignments and switch jobs weekly. Jobs are as follows:

  • 2 anchors
  • 1 weather reporter
  • 1 birthday reporter
  • 1 special reporter
  • 1 camera and lights operator
  • 1 computer operator
  • 1 sound technician and floor manager

4th and 5th grade students may apply to be on a VNN crew each spring, preparing for the upcoming year.

To apply, students must complete two steps.

  • Online registration. Registration is only open to students who have completed the teacher recommendation, or incoming new students. If this applies to you and you require the registration link, please email Ms. Lanners. Contact info below.
  • Teacher recommendation. Students may have any teacher that can attest to their responsibility sign the recommendation slip linked here. These should be turned in (or mailed to) the VCES Media Center.

Any questions about VNN may be directed to Sarah Lanners, Media Specialist. 651-425-7674 or

Velly News Network

Velly News Network

Velly News Network

Velly News Network