Coins to Cure Cancer Fundraiser

Coins to Cure Cancer Fundraiser
Posted on 05/19/2019

Cancer touches all of us—parents, grandparents, students, teachers, co-workers, coaches,
friends, ourselves. The American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life is a unique celebration for those people who have been
affected by this disease. At the event, teams of 8-15 people will take turns walking around the track. Prior to Relay, team
members will secure donations from family, friends, companies, or corporations. All of the money raised for the American
Cancer Society supports local cancer research and programs. In 2018, the Relay for Life of South Washington County
raised nearly $80,000.

Since 2008, Valley Crossing has participated in its own Relay for Life fundraiser called “Coins to Cure Cancer.” During the
past 11 years, the Valley Crossing students and staff have raised over $15,700 in coins for the American Cancer Society.
Our VCES families should be very proud of this display of teamwork, community, and service to others.

This year, “Coins to Cure Cancer” will begin on Tuesday, May 21 and run for 5 school days. There will be an American
Cancer Society container to collect coins in each neighborhood. Our goal this year is to raise over $1,000! Coins will be
collected, and the container will be shown to the students each day on VNN. During VNN on Wednesday, May 29th, we
will announce how much money we raised together. During the “Coins to Cure Cancer” drive, students will also have the
opportunity to dress up and to learn about cancer prevention.

Click here for a sheet explaining our dress up days!
May 21 = Wear green day
May 22 = Wear red day
May 23 = Wear athletic apparel and tennis shoes
May 24 = Wear a hat day
May 28 = Wear purple day