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Multiage Magnet Program

The Valley Crossing Multiage Choice Program allows students to develop relationships with the same team of teachers and classmates over a two-year period.

Classrooms are grouped together as kindergarten and first grade, second and third grade and fourth and fifth grade. Instruction focuses on individual progress in both academic and social-emotional areas.

Districtwide transportation provided to students who live within the district boundaries and more than one mile from the school.

About the Program

  • Each classroom has a mix of ages and abilities.
  • The intentional placement of students of different ages and abilities takes advantage of the natural diversity created.
  • Students stay with the same teacher for two years (grades K-1, 2-3, 4-5).
  • Teachers focus on continuous progress.
  • Multiage allows teachers to differentiate and personalize learning for students.


Connha Classon



  • Mixed ages reflect everyday life.
  • Strengthens relationships between child, teacher and family.
  • Deeper knowledge of students.
  • Each classroom is comprised of a wide range of skills and abilities. Differences are expected and therefore don't stand out.
  • Students are able to be matched with the level they are ready for academically.
  • Opportunities to be mentored and to be a mentor.
  • Personalized learning is enhanced.

Application Information

Siblings: Kindergarten students with siblings already in the program will be given priority status