Site Team

Site Team Bylaws

Site Team Constitution

The purpose of the Valley Crossing Site Team is to improve student achievement by placing greater authority, responsibility and accountability for education and related decisions at the site level.
The primary role of the Site Team is to make certain that appropriate, high quality decisions are made with participation from all stake-holders (staff, parents, students, community members, and the district) through the shared decision process.

What does Site Team do?

The Site Team is a proactive group which engages in the following activities:

  • Investigates school data to recommend ways to improve student achievement.
  • Forms committees and task forces for site-specific purposes.
  • Oversees site specific proposals to ensure that stake-holders have input and appropriate research has been conducted

Who are your representatives on Site Team?

Membership will be determined by early October as we fill vacant staff and parent positions. Up to six parents/guardians can serve on the Site Team. If you’d like more information or are interested in serving, contact Principal Olson at or 651-425-7503.

When does Site Team meet?

The Site Team will meet from 8:00-9:00 am on the following dates this school year: October 26, December 7, February 8, March 22, and May 17. Meetings will be held in the office conference room.

Who can I contact with questions about Site Team?

You may contact the Valley Crossing Principal, Dr. Lela Olson, with questions. 651-425-7503

2017-2018 Site Team Minutes

Minutes October 23

Minutes November 20

Minutes February 23

Minutes March 19

Minutes March 21

2016-2017 Site Team Minutes

Minutes November 14

Minutes December 12

Minutes January 23

Minutes February 27

Minutes April 3

Minutes May 1

Minutes June 5