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Rights and Responsibilities

To achieve our mission and objectives for the highest level of student success, the district has established and will enforce reasonable rights and responsibilities related to student expectations.

Students must conduct themselves in a manner that maintains a climate in which learning can take place. The Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook is intended to address questions and expectations for students. Please read and review this handbook with your child before the school year begins.

We would like to highlight Policy 514 – Bullying Prohibition, as this policy provides guidelines for reporting and investigating alleged bullying situations. If you or your children know of any bullying situation, please report it to the principal or a teacher. The complete language of each policy can be found on our website. The School Board, administration, teaching and support staff are committed to providing the highest quality education for all students. We look forward to a great year of working together.

School Board

The School Board recognizes that individual responsibility and mutual respect are essential components of the educational process. 

Consistent with Minnesota Statute 127.41, the School Board, with the participation of school district administrators, teachers, employees, pupils, parents and community members, has developed the school discipline regulations and procedures which govern student conduct and apply to all students. These regulations and procedures will be reviewed annually. 


All students have the right to an education and the right to learn. Students are entitled to mutual respect from school personnel. A student may appeal a decision of a teacher to the principal, and the principal’s decision to the superintendent/designee. If still not satisfied, the student may then appeal the superintendent’s decision to the School Board.