About Us

About Valley Crossing Elementary School

Valley Crossing Elementary School serves students in kindergarten through fifth grades. Teachers and staff members at Valley Crossing Elementary School value academic, social and emotional learning.

At Valley Crossing Elementary School, learning is personalized for each student through relationships. Students at the school have the choice of learning in multiage classrooms which allows teachers to work with students for two years at a time allowing them to develop deeper relationships.

Valley Crossing Elementary School is also home to South Washington County Schools’ Gateway Program for gifted learners. Students are selected to join the Gateway program based on test scores and referrals from school staff members.

Students at Valley Crossing Elementary School have many opportunities to take part in fine arts through participation in art, band, choir and orchestra. There are also a variety of clubs and activities for students to join.

Valley Crossing Elementary School welcomes community involvement and hosts several community events during the year. The school also has an active and welcoming Parent Teacher Association (PTA).

About the Multiage Choice Program 

South Washington County Schools offers the option of multiage classrooms at Valley Crossing Elementary School. The Multiage Choice Program is made up of classrooms where students of different ages are intentionally placed in the same classroom to take advantage of the natural diversity created. Instruction focuses on individual progress in both academic and social-emotional areas. Students have the same classroom teacher for two years (Kindergarten and 1st grade, 2nd and 3rd, and 4th and 5th). This strengthens the relationship with students and families and helps teachers to know their students well.


About the Community

Valley Crossing Elementary School is a suburban PreK-5th school that is part of the South Washington County Schools (District 833). The district includes the communities of Cottage Grove, St. Paul Park, Newport, Woodbury, Grey Cloud Island and Afton. There are three high schools, one Alternative high school, four middle schools and 16 elementary schools.